Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Dark Side of Politics

(As soon as I wrote the title of this piece, I realized that I was being oxymoronical.)

In an effort to find out what other choices the American people have in the upcoming election besides McCain, Clinton and Obama, I went searching for those little known or remembered parties who boast candidates in the presidential election. I found or Ron Gunzburger's Politics1.

I knew that we had the Green Party and the Independent Party (yes, Ralph Nader is running - again), but did you know that the Constitutional Party, Liberterian Party, Party of Socialism & Liberation, Prohibition Party, Socialist Party USA, and the Socialist Workers Party also have candidates on the ballot in the 2008 presidential election?

There are also 44 official write-in candidates, who while not listed on any states ballot at this time, are wanting your vote! They represent, for the most part, independent factions; however, there are a few that represent such groups as The National Socialist Order of America, the Marijuana Party, the United Facist Union, and the Light Party.

We are all free to express our opinons in the United States without fear of retribution. That is what we call "freedom of speech." And, like some of these individuals, we are all free to make fools of ourselves if we so desire. Out of curiousity, I did a little research into some of these little known groups and some of them are white supremicists in disguise, religious fanatics, and some are simply not "of this world." Yet they all are free to express their beliefs and take it so far as to be a part of the presidential election process.

Do they have a chance in hell of becoming President? Not likely. We all know that we are going to have either a Republican or a Democrat in office. So let me put a bug in the ear of some of these little knowns...if you want a foothold in our political system, you might want to start at the bottom of the ladder instead of jumping straight for the top.

Hey, but at least we know we have choices...

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