Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Darkness of Death

Death is a subject that few discuss willingly. It is an uneasy topic at best. However, death is inevitable from the moment we take our first breaths and none of us are guaranteed any specific time frame for life. Death is one of the darker subjects of which man avoids. And yet there is something within that darkness that also intrigues.

Death is two entirely different events for the two distinct entities of human existence. For the body, death brings about the ceasing of vital function. The body shuts down and will never function again, but rather return to the elements from which it was created. For the vital essence of man – the soul, spirit, or whatever term you choose – death is not an ending, but yet a new beginning. It is so much a beginning that none truly know what to expect.

I, for one, believe that a force of such a nature, that not only animates, but also creates, evolves, develops and learns, cannot possibly be extinguished at the death of the body. It must be released and continue on into what is, for us, unknown. I cannot imagine it any other way. Whether that force has a specific destination (heaven or hell?) or whether it returns to this earth in another vessel, there is no doubt in my mind that a force of that strength cannot be destroyed merely by the act of dying within the human body.

Each of us draws our uniqueness, our individuality, from the facets of our life force, our spirit. It is what causes us to be who we are, to act, to react, to think critically, to view analytically, and to make decisions based upon our interpretation of the world and its happenings. We are personified by the force of life and enhanced by the unknown destination of that force at the moment of death. It we could only remember that a force as complex as our spirit, our being, contains strength that must surely exist beyond death, then perhaps the darkness of death will cease to inspire fear and dread.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Dark Goddess: Lillith

When I am angry, depressed, or out-of-sorts, I find that it is beneficial to spend time in reflection on the dark goddesses. I look at them as a whole - their strengths and their weaknesses - and decide if there are some of their characteristics that I indeed should embrace. On of my favorites is Lillith.

Lillith was the original mate of Adam. Lillith, however, refused to be subservient. She saw herself as an equal - made from the same earth as Adam, to stand beside Adam, with equal rights and powers. She did not take fondly to the idea that she was to be submissive in any area of life - including sex. She was cast from the Garden of Eden, some say to become a demon, and was replaced by the subservient Eve, made from the rib of Adam.

Some do say that Lillith is a demon; some that she was the first feminist; some that she was the first lesbian. Speculation is simply that. However, what I see in Lillith is strength and determination. She knew that she could stand on her own two feet, use her own well-developed mind, trust her own body, and demand her own place in the world. Lillith was no doormat!

Some describe Lillith with wild hair, red eyes, and gnashing teeth. The Lillith I envision stands tall and proud, back straight, head held high. Her dark hair flows down her back and her step is firm and self-assured. She knows her place and she will not allow any to take it from her.

This is the Lillith that even today's woman needs as a role model - a woman that can claim her place in this world without sacrificing self!

Dark vs. Light

How often have you heard someone say that we can only appreciate the light if we have spend some time in the darkness?

Perhaps that is true - More likely, in my opinion, is that there are lessons to be learned from both the light and dark of life. If we spend time in only one, then we learn only half the lessons. To be whole, we must discover, embrace, and accept all of ourself - both light and dark. The only way to do this is to walk in both worlds.

For this reason, I have come to embrace the night and all the "dark" elements in life. Indeed, at times they bring a blessed peace found no where else. That is why I dedicate this blog to the dark, the night, and all dark entities and realms.