Friday, February 29, 2008

Song Of Darkness

Singing a song of darkness and pain –
Tiamat, Kali – I call your names.
These dark goddess women I call to my side
As on through the anger I frantically ride.

Hecate, your wisdom is greater than Time;
Vengeance is righteous and justice is blind.
I call out your name in the dark of the night,
That you add your strength to my quest, my fight.

Persephone, the power of darkness you know
In the depths of hell, your own power grows.
Upon your release to walk in the day
You make use of Time to hold darkness at bay.

Cyres, Cerridwen, please hear my song –
Durga, Innanna, by your word make me strong!
Lillith, dark angel, eyes full of fire,
Aid in my quest when I falter and tire.

Avoidance of darkness so many attempt;
Wholeness is lacking when dark conjures contempt.
Embracing both forces for what they shall be
Is the only true way to for a soul to be free.

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