Monday, October 13, 2008

And the Gears come to a Grinding Halt...

As much as I have complained about gas prices and gas availability lately, I guess I finally got what I deserved. My sweet little car came to a grinding halt last night as the transmission left us on the side of the road. Actually, it left my daughter, home from college for Fall Break, on the side of the road. It was 12:30 am when I finally got someone to take a look at it and help me get it home. It would crank, it would shift, but it would not move! Just my luck.

So we towed it home behind his SUV with three feet of chain between my front bumper and his rear bumper. It was one of the wildest rides of my life and I hope never to do it again. I really thought he would take it easy on me, but the hour being late and he just getting off work, I guess time was of the essence. Three feet is not a lot of space between two moving vehicles, one with little control over brakes or steering. While I knew he could not hear me, I had a mantra of how terrified I was going non-stop the entire ride home. When we got into my yard, he wanted to know if I had a rough ride. So funny!

So now it sits on the driveway, waiting its sentencing. Will I fix it or will I send it to the junk yard? Considering that it is a 1994 model, the cost of replacing the transmission is more expensive than the car is worth. I hate to admit it, but it is probably junk yard bound. It has been a good little car. But all good things come to an end.

Mass Transit, here I come.

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