Thursday, April 03, 2008

Accepting Darkness

Darkness is based upon the perspective of the individual. For me, the night and “the dark” are soft, welcoming and peaceful. For others, they are full of fear and worry.

Honestly, I embrace the dark. One of my close friends recently commented that I seem to appreciate the darkness in situations and people. This is true. I prefer stories, movies, television dramas that do not paint an individual as “good” or “bad”, but rather as a composite of both. After all, everyone has their buttons which, when pushed, will set them off. I can appreciate the dramas such as Moonlight, where the hero of the tale has a dark part to his soul that can entice him to act violently. Sometimes that violent action even appears to be justified. I believe that tendency is hidden in us all. I can honestly understand the parent who, upon hearing that the murderer of their child has been arraigned, waits on the courthouse steps with a gun to enact swift and immediate justice. While this side of darkness is not welcoming or peaceful, it is understandable.

However, there is another aspect of “the dark” that is shiny-hard, like obsidian, sharp and dangerous. This is the darkness that I envision leaving a deep, bloody wound when caressed. It is reflective, refusing to allow the viewer to see anything past the surface; reflecting only the pain that is held in the heart. This is a dangerous darkness. It is the darkness that leads to suicide. It is the darkness that results in parents that kill their children – and children who kill their parents. It is a fearful place and little understood.

I believe that the individuals who fear the dark, who are unwilling to embrace the darkness within themselves, are the ones most at risk from this form of dangerous darkness. When it approaches them, they are unaware of how to react, how to prepare themselves for its effects. Unable to cope, they succumb.

Take a good look at yourself and uncover your own hidden darkness. Do not be afraid – we are all a balance of dark and light. We must accept all aspects of self and learn to balance them properly. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security; do not allow yourself to be surprised when it creeps up on you without warning.

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